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  •     Tree Trimming and Removal
  •     Corrective Pruning
  •     Stump Grinding
  •     Plant Health Care
  •     Wood Disposal and Recycling Yard


Whether you have trees in need of corrective pruning or trees which simply must be removed, J. H. Hart Urban Forestry in Sterling Heights, Michigan, stands ready to lend assistance. Our crew is thoroughly trained in the latest pruning and removal techniques to provide a level of service unsurpassed in the industry.
There are a variety of goals to be achieved through the corrective pruning of trees and shrubs. Better light penetration and the elevation of lower limbs will aid in the health and vigor of surrounding lawns and landscaping while making the tree itself more structurally sound and aesthetically appealing. Corrective pruning may also eliminate hazardous conditions created by storm damage and dead or diseased limbs.
Our staff of professional arborists is available to assist you in recommending the best course of action to protect and enhance the quality of your property.


Once a tree is removed, the remaining stump is often not just unsightly, but may pose a safety hazard. We have the ability to grind stumps six to eight inches below grade to allow for restoration of the natural landscape topography.


Insect and Disease Control
While many dynamics may combine to impede the growth and vitality of trees and shrubs, insects and disease remain the principal culprits. Our Plant Health Care Program has a broad spectrum of tools available to combat the wide variety of insects and disease which may threaten the health of your landscape.
  • Foliar Topical Sprays are a key component in the control of insects and disease. Dormant oil utilized in the spring and fall, and insecticides and miticides utilized during the warmer months minimize damage from insects and mites. Fungicides are generally applied during leaf expansion and are utilized to help control tip blight, apple scab, etc.
  • Micro Trunk Injections are also available for insect and disease control. Pressurized capsules with small portals are inserted near the base of the tree, allowing insecticide or fungicide to be released into the sap stream and distributed throughout the vascular system. Macro infusions utilizing a harness and pump allow for a higher dose of product to be injected for long-term protection.
  • Soil Injections may also be performed using a high-pressure probe inserted directly into the feeder root zone, which allows the product to be systemically transmitted throughout the tree. Soil injections may be utilized for a variety of reasons and are particularly useful in combating insects such as the bronze birch borer, birch leaf minor, and Japanese beetles, as well as adelgid insects.


Proper fertilization is essential to the health and vitality of your trees and shrubs. Slow release, deep-root fertilization is accomplished with a pressurized probe inserted in a grid pattern beneath the canopy of the tree and, when appropriate, extending beyond the drip line. This method of fertilization provides the added benefit of moisture infusion and soil aeration within the root zone. Fertilization may also be provided through micro trunk injections.


J. H. Hart Urban Forestry has a wood disposal and recycling yard for the disposal of wood fiber. We accept uncontaminated wood waste from trees, including limbs, logs, brush, and wood chips. We do not accept roots, root balls, stumps, dirt, or industrial wood products such as pallets or lumber. No roll-off dumpsters or gravel trains are permitted.
Our yard is open for wood disposal between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. The yard is not open on weekends.

Disposal Fees

For our regular tree service companies and municipalities, $20 per vehicle/trailer. For all other and unprocessed brush or limbs, $40 per vehicle/trailer.
Please click here for a map and directions to our location.
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